Intern Supervision

Shannon Byrnes supervises the career development of dedicated interns. The interns that she brings into her oversight have proven with educational achievements as well as collaborations to be strong candidates for great therapists. As they develop their clientele, she oversees and counsels the interns on the best therapies and approaches for each client. With a strong and caring guiding hand, Shannon helps bring clients together with experienced and caring professionals.

Are you having a hard time accomplishing your goals?  Are you sick and tired of procrastinating?  Are you feeling lonely, discouraged, or disappointed in your personal relationships?  I can help you find the motivation and acquire the tools and insight it takes to feel empowered, accomplished and connected.  My psychotherapy techniques will help you re-define your goals and uncover the roadblocks and patterns that are keeping you stuck.  I will guide you to rediscover your true self and attract healthy, nourishing relationships. I specialize working with adult individuals and couples.  My work focuses on increasing self-esteem and unblocking creativity so that you may experience more success in your relationships and careers.  I use a variety of techniques from Personal Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy to help clients fully actualize their potential and their dreams.  

With over 20 years practicing mindfulness meditation and with my therapeutic skills I will walk with you towards your personal transformation.  Call or Email Carmen Mercado for a free phone consultation now - (424) 903-1008.