There are many different approaches to therapy. Some counselors focus on learning to think differently. Others emphasize changing behavior while some work to relieve symptoms. Psychodynamic therapy differs from other approaches with its focus on bringing unconscious material to light. It is based on the belief that our awareness is much like an iceberg, where we can see the portion that is above water, but what really constitutes the self is below the surface. This unknown dimension of our existence can influence our daily lives and sometimes this influence is painful and destructive.

Because of our unconscious patterns we try everything we can to change ourselves and fail, over and over again. Psychodynamic therapy works to uncover some of this unconscious material so that it can be integrated into a person’s life. The role of the therapist is to create the right environment and opportunity to work with the full range of a person’s experience, both conscious and unconscious for a more happy, healthy and fulfilling life. There are many changes people report when they persevere in the therapeutic process:

  • Come to see themselves differently

  • Accept their feelings more fully

  • Become more self confident and self directive

  • Adopt more realistic goals

  • Become more flexible in their perceptions

  • Change maladaptive behaviors

  • Become more accepting of others

  • Become more open to what is going on outside of themselves and what is going on inside themselves