Couples Counseling

My focus is facilitating each partner’s capacity to attune to and support the other’s personal growth. My work is about fostering the revealing of one’s self through an expression of feelings and thoughts, without blaming or accusing. I teach clients how to listen more effectively and calmly while trying to not take what is said personally. In this process clients learn to develop interest and a curious state of mind, to ask questions designed to understand the partner’s experience. I encourage them to do their best by putting themselves in each other’s shoes, responding with empathy while still holding onto themselves.

I have worked extensively with couples across the lifespan. I am certified in administering Prepare /Enrich Inventories designed to facilitate in the exploration of areas of communication, conflict resolution, spiritual beliefs, finances, parenting styles, sexual expectations and family of origin issues. The Prepare /Enrich program satisfies premarital requirements for many churches. The inventories include Prepare, for premarital couples, Prepare MC, for premarital couples with children, Prepare CC for cohabitating couples, Enrich, for marriage enrichment or marriage counseling and Mate for couples over the age of 50, getting married, seeking marriage counseling or going through life transitions such as retirement.